It All Started With a Simple
But Strong Vision To a Bright Future

Ardeks Ltd. was founded in 1996 and from a small factory it has growth to a company who can produce and debone 25 tons meat per day. Ardeks Ltd. offer such products as fresh meat, various types of other meat products – sausage, smoked sausage, culinary products, canned food etc.

An additional canned meat food factory was founded in year 2000 in Druva and has been awarded with European Quality Certification. At the moment the canned meat food factory produces 30 varieties of canned food which are not only sold in Baltic States, but also being exported to Germany, Ireland, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Maintaining the offer of the traditional top customer products, Ardeks Ltd. has a constant development for new products and reasonable price range which provides a quick reaction to market requirements.